About Me

I'm Kim Lowe. I've been studying and practicing Yoga for more than thirty years. I’ve been passionate about the rejuvenating and strengthening power of yoga, particularly Pre-Natal, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative and Yin Yoga. I’ve been inspired by many teachers, particularly Rodney Yee and Judith Lassiter. I have a two hundred hour certification from Prana Yoga. To me, Yoga is much more than an exercise program, it positively influences every aspect of my life.

As a former dancer with continuing back issues, I turned to Pilates in 2006. My back problems were eliminated almost immediately. Pilates is hard, no question, but it really is transformative, physically and mentally. I teach both mat and apparatus with a contemporary approach based on the classic pilates method.

I maintain, through continuing study, practice and periodic testing as necessary both myPersonal Training Certification by N.A.S.M. and my Group Fitness Certification by A.C.E.

What really makes me different from other personal trainers is that I really care about my clients. I'm quite creative in modifying and customizing your workout to make you make progress towards your goals. If you get bored easily, I'll surprise you with variety and new motivation. If you have an injury or are pregnant, I know how to make your workout safe and effective. Throughout my career, it's caring that has been most important to my success.